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Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Planning is the process of identifying critical data systems and business functions, analyzing the risks of disruption to the data systems and business functions, determining the probability of a disruption occurring and then developing business resumption plans (BRP's) to enable those systems and functions to be resumed in the event of a disruption.

The goal of an effective business resumption plan and recovery process is to facilitate and expedite the resumption of business after a disruption of critical or impacting data systems and operations has occurred. Disruptions may be minor or may include instances where normal business functions and services cannot be performed and may not be performed for an extended period of time. Business continuity planning minimizes the impact of disruption while maximizing resources available to resume normal operations. The principle objectives are to:

  • Minimize disruptions of service to your business.
  • Provide a road map of predetermined actions that will reduce decision-making during recovery operations. Good planning will reduce the number and magnitude of decisions that must be made during the period when exposure to error is at a peak.
  • Ensure the timely resumption of critical and impacting systems and enable the resumption of normal business/service at the earliest possible time in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Limit the impact of the disruption on you business and its reputation, and limit any financial losses.

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is the least expensive insurance your company can have. Unfortunately, many companies have never taken the time to develop such a plan.  AICIT can help you create and an extensive Business Continuity Plan based on your objectives and budget.  We will suggest alternatives that you can consider so we can prepare you for unforeseen events and help you develop plans what will allow you to continue operations during or after disasters.

Business Continuity Plans are sometimes referred to as Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) and the two have much in common. However a DRP is oriented towards recovering after a disaster whereas a BCP shows how to continue doing business until recovery is accomplished.  Both are very important and we can help your organization with your needs.  We will help you prepare such plans, keep a copy off-site for you, train your key personnel so they are prepared and will be able to spring into action if your business experiences a disaster. Please contact us to learn more.

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