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Enterprise Backup & System Recovery

AICIT’s Enterprise Backup & System Recovery (EBSR)-Simplifies Backup/Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Plans That Fits Your Needs & Budget

The AICIT Enterprise Backup & System Recovery (EBSR) removes the requirements of tape based solutions that can be complex and inefficient. These traditional Backup/Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity solutions are time consuming, expensive and require a huge amount of coordination.  Due to the complexity of these solutions, cost has always been a prohibitive factor for implementation. AICIT has developed a service that not only keeps down-time to an absolute minimum; it is also available at a much more competitive cost.

We have found that many of our existing customers have a very low down-time requirement.  In developing our solutions, we can offer up to the minute restores of customer data, hosted on secure, highly resilient on-site and off-site Servers.  AICIT’s Business Continuity solutions remove the workload and worry of full server recovery from businesses and IT managers.  In the event of a disaster, be it fire, theft or hardware failure, a set of processes are implemented for the fast recovery of data.

All data is backed up on a regular basis to on-site and off-site storage platforms at AICIT’s secure Data Centers.  Depending on your Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives backups run on a daily, hourly or continual basis. This has two benefits, one is rapid restore from on-site copies and the other is safe off-site copies that would be available in case of a site disaster such as a fire or flood.  Furthermore, all data is encrypted with (128, 192 or 256 bit AES) encryption before leaving your servers so at no point data travels over any network unencrypted.



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