backup and disaster recovery

Backup and disaster recovery solutions

IT departments often need support and backup on a specific area of their operation or systems. Many factors come into play, such as lack of resource, lack of experience in a new technology or simply a lack of time. AICIT excels when helping IT functions in an organization. We can tailor our services and support to meet your requirements exactly, whether from simply operating a help-desk system or a support overflow resource through to working on infrastructure projects in partnership.

AICIT's consultants, engineers and project managers have the answers you require to virtually any IT or business-related issue. We can work from a distance, such as simply monitoring your internal and external systems, with no dialogue, or we can work with you daily, as an extension to your internal team.

AICIT's employees are encouraged to bring up the skill and experience level of their customers, when required. This helps not only the customer and its employees, but it also helps to develop and seal the experience of the AICIT consultant or engineer - through knowledge transfer.

AICIT has offices in Northern Virginia, enabling us to deliver our backup and disaster recovery solutions, support, and service throughout the mid-Atlantic region and in the nation's capitol. We also operate on a national and global level, when required.

Intelligent Backup And Disaster Recovery Systems Delivering Systems Resilience

Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) are a cause of continuous anxiety for many organizations. Do you have a plan in place to keep your systems and organization running in or after a disaster scenario?

Below we have a few statistics to consider:

•    Statistics indicate that 90% of businesses are forced to shut down their operations within two years of the disaster after losing data.

•    Furthermore, 80% of businesses that do not have a well-structured backup and disaster recovery plan have to shut down within one year of a fire or flood.

•    43% of the companies that experience a disaster never recover.

•    Around 50% of businesses facing a computer outage end being forced to close down.

In a majority of cases, the companies delivering backup, disaster recovery services and plans fail to deliver the IT infrastructure or build IT systems that can be resilient or operational, quickly or immediately, in disaster situations. With AICIT, that would not be the case. We are capable of designing, building and managing (if required) your IT systems in such an effective way that, in a disaster situation, your core operations are secure and covered - from an IT standpoint. This can be accomplished through various means, such as:

•    Comprehensive Planning for IT System Recovery

•    Backup And Disaster Recovery Strategies

•    Off-site replication

•    Hosted critical services


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