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AICIT Enterprise Hosted Business E-mail & Collaboration Suite With Anti-Span, Anti-Virus & Archiving

Next-generation hosted collaboration with integrated email, contacts, calendar sharing, document management, archiving plus mobility and On-Air PDA sync.

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VMware Zimbra® Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is a next generation email, calendar and collaboration solution that is optimized for VMware. ZCS is an open source solution that provides a platform specifically designed for virtualization and portability across the private as well as public clouds which not only makes it simpler to manage but also more cost-effective in terms of scalability. ZCS offers the ability to boost end user productivity through some of the highly innovative Web applications, on all device and desktops – any place, all the time – at significantly lower costs than its competitors.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS), is the leading open source alternative to Microsoft Exchange.  AICIT offers this enterprise suite as a small business email hosting solution which takes the complexity of managing your e-mail infrastructure away from your organization. ZCS combines email, calendar, contacts, file sharing, discovery & archiving, document authoring, chat, and many more features in the only intuitive, easy to use and fully functional client-based desktop application.

It is fully compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms. ZCS supports mobile POP and IMAP access to email, contacts, and hosted calendar on Mac or Linux servers; compatible devices and over-the-air Sync with mobile web browsers, java enabled devices (e.g. Motorola RAZR), smart-phones (including iPhone, Andriod, Windows, Palm, Symbian OS devices), and Blackberry smart-phones enabling hosted emails for business of any size and from any industry.

ZCS also contains mashups that link ZCA to other applications such as, WebEx, Yahoo Maps, Flickr, and many more. Despites its many features, flexibility, and vast integration options, the Zimbra Collaboration Suite is very affordable and easy to implement.  AICIT offers turn-key solutions which includes transferring of all previous e-mails from your current service to Zimbra.

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