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Hosted Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) Features

VMware Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is a complete open source email and collaboration platform. It features Email, Contacts, Calendar, Documents, File Sharing, Tasks, Social Media, plus synchronization to other desktops and devices.

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ZCS’s Web 2.0 interface is a collaboration “hub” – an open platform that brings together email, calendaring, tasking, documents, social media, and enterprise applications.

Transparent, Open Source Platform

ZCS’s support for openness doesn’t end with easier management and maintenance. Rather, it is a commitment to transparent roadmaps, robust user and developer communities, and open standards to be fully compatible with all common browsers, email clients (including Outlook), desktops and mobile devices.

Simplified Administration and Management

ZCS’s Web-based application reduces support costs and streamlines email deployment, management and provisioning.

This leads to greater reliability and lower total cost of ownership with unprecedented agility, flexibility and control. ZCS gives organizations the freedom to develop collaboration clouds.

Key Features

Web Client

  • Browser-based, rich AJAX interface that offers application features like drag and drop, conversation and tagging views
  • Comprehensive inbox with search feature and attachments, and saved search folder options
  • Pioneering calendar wizard that is capable of finding optimal times and places for large meetings within a few seconds
  • Efficient collaboration and sharing with colleagues such as inboxes, calendars, contacts, files, tasks and documents
  • Resourceful enterprise calendars consisting shared free-busy times; the calendars are interoperable with Microsoft Exchange
  • Dynamic document management made easy through single Briefcase repositories that feature check-in and check-out, version control, and instant sharing of folders and documents. A creative communications core that accommodates third-party services such as application “tabs” including Facebook and Twitter and “mash-ups”


  • AJAX browser-based Admin Console including full Command Line
  • Offers migration wizards for standard IMAP migration, GroupWise, Exchange, and Domino
  • Interface (CLI) for managing ZCS

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