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Microsoft Exchange Server vs. Zimbra Hosting

Cost: Zimbra hosting is more cost efficient than Exchange hosting

Zimbra hosting: $.99 to $7.99/mo per user

Exchange hosting: $9.95 to $24.95/mo per user

Flexibility: Use Zimbra on any platform (Windows, Apple, Linux), with any mobile device (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, flip phones).

Better administration: The Zimbra online administrator is light, simple to use, and flexible across multiple domains

Solid security: Full integrated antispam and antivirus capabilities protect your users

More than just the basics: Zimbra goes beyond just email, calendar, contact and task sharing. It adds a document center, instant messaging, and a collaborative wiki to the collaboration suite experience.

Full feature set: Zimbra has all the major features of Exchange...and more plus On-Air Sync for mobile phones.


Features Zimbra Exchange
Calendar/contact, task sharing Yes Yes
iPhone support Yes Yes
Blackberry support Yes Yes
Windows Mobile support Yes Yes
Outlook 2007 support Yes Yes
Universal desktop client Yes No
Apple iSync support Yes No
Flip phone J2E client Yes No
Document management Yes No
Instant messaging Yes No
Briefcase/wiki Yes No
SOX compliance out of the box Yes No
Email grouping Yes No
Integrated antispam, antivirus Yes No
Integration with other systems Full SOAP Marginal
Web Interface All major browsers supported Marginal outside of IE


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