managed services

Desktop/Server/Network Managed Support

AICIT can take charge of your network projects and can commit to proactively monitor and deploy and manage them. Our network full scale network management models allow regularly performed scheduled maintenance of systems and would insure that all serves and workstations have the latest patches and updates. The contract allows your organization to outsource all of its IT needs to AICIT and we would take over the complete management of the network and computer needs. We will get involved to set short and long term goals based on necessities & needs. With this type of managed approached, the network is constantly monitored remotely and AICIT would be immediately alerted of any problems and would take any necessary actions. The network will also receive regular maintenance in order to take preventative measures.

With this option, most of the routine work is covered and a certain number of on-site hours are allowed and if additional on-site work is necessary that is not covered in the maintenance plan, we would provide it at reduced rates. This will decrease exposure to many common problems that IT environments experience due to neglect or security issues. Some examples of proactive support include:

ok_checkmark_blue Review of server logs, disk capacities, and general health of servers
ok_checkmark_blue Validation of backups, strategy, and assurance of restore capability
ok_checkmark_blue Installation of recommended patches, service packs, and maintenance updates
ok_checkmark_blue Review status of network components and logs
ok_checkmark_blue Tuning of network and system components as necessary


This service is generally customized for each client. We first meet to ascertain short and long term business goals; second we discuss network environment, users' needs, and critical business functions; and lastly, present a solution that fits the needs based on the set budget.

Ongoing Management - On-Site and Remote

Ongoing management and support of the IT network is done remotely and through regular on-site visits. We can also provide over the phone support, whether it is regarding a server, desktops or network issues.

Procurement Assistance

Whenever the need arises for procurement of necessary equipment, we will help select the right product for any needs. We will assist in getting quotes for hardware, software, networking gear and any other technology products, at a competitive price and with the best customer service. This service helps with one-stop shopping, pre-sales support from vendors (if necessary), purchasing of the product, delivery tracking to location and a seamless escalation path if any issues arise.

Project Support

As the organization grows and has new capabilities that need to be implemented, we would assist in that area. Projects are usually quantified as having a definite start and finish interval, such as a server migration, operating system upgrade, firewall installation or other technically demanding tasks. These kinds of tasks do not fall within the normal support contract provided as they require a lot of advance planning and are usually done during non-business hours. However, AICIT will assess the situation, scope the project and provide an Initial Project Estimate or a more complete Project Plan that includes hardware/software costs, labor costs and the timeline to complete the project.


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