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Remote Network Monitoring

Service and Support for Your IT Department

The AICIT remote monitoring system can check a wide range of components and services on your Internet-facing IT infrastructure and network, such as routers, firewalls etc. This system can also be used to monitor systems and network services run by your third-party suppliers, providing services such as DNS servers, external mail servers or Web servers.

Business Benefits:

  • Know when you have a system outage, such as your web site or e-mail, before your employees and customers do.
  • Monitor the performance of your third-party suppliers, in relation to their service level agreement (SLA).
  • Monitor the performance and responsiveness of your IT systems.

Key features:

  • E-mail alerts
  • Text alerts
  • AICIT phone call on fail during office hours

Looking after networks is a full time job and one that requires a dedicated, strategic approach to ensure that any issues are dealt with as soon as they arise. Calling engineers out after the network has gone down is inefficient and costly and can be avoided by utilizing AICIT’s Remote Network Monitoring service.


With networks demanding 24/7 attention it has never been more important to have the correct support procedures in place. Increasing pressure from customers has put more reliance on support organizations to provide a dedicated remote technical support team that are available to monitor networks whatever the time. Focused on supporting our customers, AICIT can deliver a remote network monitoring solution which allows our technical experts to monitor networks remotely in a safe and secure environment 24/7/365. From our Network Operations Centre (NOC), we can monitor a wide range of complex networks and quickly alert customers of potential problems before they have a significant impact on a business. Remote monitoring can save businesses from the time, inconvenience and costs of a prolonged downtime.

Optimized performance and availability

Our remote network monitoring service provides the monitoring of all devices under contract with AICIT and will alert the customer of any incidents that could affect the performance of the overall network infrastructure.
The types of events monitored include TCP, UDP, ICMP and SNMP reachable statistics.


AICIT provides email and text alerts which informs you as soon as the system detects any downage. We can also offer an advanced reporting engine with a dynamic web based console that will enable network visibility across your entire network infrastructure.


In addition to alerting you of incidents AICIT is able to provide an incident management service. This service will provide you with access to our highly skilled engineering teams to assist with the related incident and ensure a swift resolution. All incidents will be logged and managed through the AICIT Call Management System (CMS). Through secure access to the customer infrastructure through one or more secure links AICIT is also able to use advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting skills so that any non-hardware related incidents can be identified.

Key features of remote network monitoring include:

  • Active monitoring
  • Retrospective network reporting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Network failure reporting
  • Central network error log

The system will assist your Customers with:

  • Network visibility
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Network reporting
  • Failure notification
  • Multi-user access
  • Security


At AICIT we are committed to providing tailored support solutions to meet your needs. AICIT has the means; the technical expertise; resources and experience to monitor your networks 24/7/365. Remote monitoring allows us to closely monitor and fix any network problems from our Network Operations Centre which in turn provides an efficient, reliable service to keep our networks running optimally at all times.


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