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Voice & Telephone Services

We've Done IT Right

AICIT's strong background in IT is the driving force behind our hosted VoIP and PBX infrastructure.

We have the necessary experience to make you sound great, while enabling your business to take advantage of the capabilities and cost savings of business quality VoIP. We have gone to great lengths to ensure reliability and quality. That's what sets AICIT apart from other VoIP providers.

There are many VoIP providers who simply resell Hosted PBX software package but don't put in the effort to ensure network reliability. Not all Hosted PBX and VoIP providers are alike. We don't try to "fit your business into our system," and don't nickel-and-dime you for extra features. Leading with quality and reliability over cost savings is better for your business, and is a time-tested model for success.

AICIT pricing is extremely competitive due to our flexible plans, and our customers can attest to the great value that AICIT delivers every day.



Quality: Our First Priority

  • Premier Tier 3+ Data Center. Our facilities at the Equinix - Washington DC data center in Ashburn, Virginia provide high levels of physical security and operational reliability.
  • Our servers and network are n+1 redundant. Our server architecture is based on a cluster design, which increases the redundancy of our network.
  • We own our own IP's. This allows us to connect (BGP) with multiple carriers.
  • Redundancy. All servers have built-in redundancies as well as a hot spare standby.

Flexible pricing


All the features you need

  • No nickel and diming.
  • We throw in all popular features.
  • We continue to develop additional features, at no additional cost.


Why Choose AICIT Hosted VoIP / PBX

Many of our customers learn about us from our current customers, or by searching the Internet for a Hosted PBX or VoIP provider. They quickly find that there are a number of Low-end Hosted PBX and VoIP providers that are fine for residential and micro-business users (under 5 users), but when you need a business quality, reliable and scalable Hosted PBX and VoIP partner, AICIT stands alone.


Our Network

Dependability. Redundancy. Experience.

Our network architecture is n+1 redundant and our infrastructure was built with many layers of backup components and multidimensional networks. The design of our environment allows rapid growth to meet the ongoing needs of our clients.

Over the years, our experience has taught us the "do's" and "don’ts" of how to build a rock-solid foundation and has been engineered from the ground up to guarantee a network that is reliable, redundant, scalable and secure. Our network is designed to eliminate single points of failure and we only use Enterprise-Class equipment from industry leaders. We also monitor our network 24/7/365 both internally and externally to ensure uninterrupted service.


Enterprise Quality & Service

End-to-End Quality

When you have great sound quality, and do not have to worry about your phone system’s performance, you are able to focus on your core business responsibilities such developing your business. It is quite easy to talk about QOS (quality of service), but extremely difficult to deliver. There can be many service providers that proclaim quality, but AICIT has actually taken steps to invest in the technology to ensure we are able to deliver on our promises.

Whether it is delivering crystal clear sound through our state-of-the-art network and highly reliable VoIP infrastructure, or our highly developed Voice Management Devices that ensure optimization of your data network for Hosted VoIP services, AICIT is 100% focused on business continuity quality, and reliability. Customers ranging from 5 users to 100+ users with multiple locations utilize AICIT service every day.


Multiple Locations Made Simple

Seamless Communication Assured

Organizations with multiple locations and/or a mobile workforce can realize even greater benefits from AICIT services. With our assistance, your business can eliminate the need for expensive hardware, software, complex network and be able to enjoy great connectivity between all your offices and the workforce. Advanced, cost effective and invasive broadband connectivity of today makes it easy for businesses like yours to get effortless and seamless connectivity for all of your employees and locations. You simply get a business class broadband connection for each office, required number of handsets, an AICIT Voice Management Device, and your entire organization is connected. (246)


Keep your Existing Phone Numbers

Flexibility. Options. Opportunity.

When you switch to AICIT VoIP, you can keep your existing local and toll-free numbers. The process is simple; once you sign an authorization form we will transfer your existing phone number to our network. There will be no interruption in your telephone service. If you don't have a local or toll-free number we can assign a new one. You can also get local numbers in other cities; this is a great feature if you wish to create a local market presence.

Built-in Business Continuity

Hosted PBX - It's Just Better Business Continuity

AICIT services provide more and better business continuity options to your business as compared with conventional telecommunication solutions and service providers. With our business continuity services, your organization will be able to function even after experiencing a disastrous event such as a flood or fire. AICIT has been able to accomplish this by deploying redundant hardware and software, using fault tolerant systems, and solid backup and recovery strategies that are based on industry best practices. Although there is a long list of benefits to our services, we have presented just a few here to help you with your review of our services and make an informed decision:

  • AICIT has centrally managed servers that are placed at highly redundant facilities. This makes it easy for your business to move your phones to a new location with connectivity to be functional again.
  • If there is an outage, your calls are automatically re-routed. AICIT service provides automatic re-routing of your calls in cases of outage of local service which enables you to be in contact with your customers and continue functioning as usual.
  • AICIT provides redundant connectivity options for mission critical voice communications. Our customers are able to implement a number of proven solutions with fail safe guarantees such as redundant broadband connections and provider solutions that ensure maximum uptime in voice communications for them.
ve using VoIP.  Want to learn how your business can benefit from AICIT Enterprise solutions? Let us help with your questions, and we'll make recommendations that best fit your business needs and budget.  For more information, call us at 877-495-9604 or CLICK HERE to send us a quick message and we will contact you right away.