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AICIT SIP Trunking

sip-trunkingSIP Trunking is a service that permits businesses that have an on-premise PBX installed to use Voice-over-IP (VoIP) to send their voice traffic over the internet.

AICIT SIP Trunking allows the use of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to carry voice communications between an enterprise PBX and the ITSP.

The main components to deploy SIP Trunks include:

  • PBX with a SIP-enabled trunk side
  • Enterprise edge device compatible with SIP
  • An Internet telephony provider such as AICIT


Enterprise Metered SIP Trunking

$17.95 Per Month/Trunk

Minimum of 3 trunks per account required and customer provided high-speed internet necessary. Price does not include any necessary hardware. Limited time offer only. Rate excludes local E911 and other applicable taxes and/or fees. Offer subject to change without notice.

  • Lower your monthly invoice.
  • Never pay long distance fees for US & Canada calls.
  • Keep your current numbers.
  • Save over traditional PRI and POT’s lines.
  • Free unlimited incoming calls. §
  • New advanced technology deliverable in days vs. weeks.
  • Use your existing PBX, phones and internet connection.
  • Pay only for Outbound minutes you use.
  • Add automatic Fail-Over protection for a peace of mind.

Enterprise Metered SIP Trunk Package

Includes unlimited§ incoming & in-network calling. Metered outbound domestic (US/Canada) minute rate packages as low as 2.95 cents per minute (please see our bundled minute rate packages). Get on-demand burstable lines/trunks for $21.95 each/month.

Bring Over Your Local and/or Toll Free Numbers

We can port your current numbers and we can offer new numbers/DID’s. All numbers/DID’s billed at $2.35/month.

Burstable Trunk/Line Feature

Bursting gives you additional lines during busy times.

Low International Rates

Starting at 1.2¢ to South America, 1.4¢ to Europe, 2.5¢ to China

Free Conference Bridge Option

Use the conference bridge option to conference parties from inside or outside your office with your own local bridge dial-in number. Conference bridge rates, when used, billed at 3.9 cents per minute for all call participants.

Enhanced SIP Trunks W/ Failover Protection

Enhanced SIP Trunks are available at $21.95 each* with automatic built-in failover protection. This allows automatic re-routing of your calls from our PBX in the cloud to your alternate office or cell phone number in case of a local emergency in your office such as loss of power, internet or PBX failure.



§ Unlimited calls & plans subject to business type & AICIT’s Terms of Service.

Number porting fees apply.

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